freshwater ornamental fish exporter from Thailand


1) Please send us an email with the FISH LIST you would like to buy. You can do this sending a .doc or .xls file.
NOTE: please, send us as much information as possible on the kind of fish you would like to order. For example in addition to the common name and / or the scientific name, point out the variety or color, the degree of selection (grade A for the high selection), the size and / or age and sex, and of course the number of subjects you intend to purchase.
You can make it even simpler using our FISH LIST (.xls file, which you can require with an email) by filling column "K" with the quantity of desired fish. We will take care of the rest.


2) We will reply as soon as possible with the availability. The total costs of the ordered fish will be add the costs of PACKAGING, shipping and required certificates.
NOTE: the cost of air freight can only be quantified exactly at the time of of the shipping, the price is only a rough estimate and subject to possible refunds.

3) After receiving the confirmation of the availability, we will agree on payment procedure, dates and shipment.
We accept payments on bank account and via Paypal (any payment costs will be added).

4) As soon as we get the payment we will start the health quarantine of the ordered fish. When the fish are ready, the fish will be packed respecting every single biological need and then as soon as possible.

5) Before shipping, the health of all fish will be checked to ensure quality and health standards. Each box will be prepared taking into account the departure and arrival temperatures. Each step will be done carefully so that no fish can suffer a superficiality that could lead to your fish death.
Our goal is to get always healthy, beautiful and happy fish in every aquarium.

All the necessary certificates for customs clearance will be prepared and sent to the customer as soon as possible.

6) All our shipments are covered by the DOA (death on arrival) policy guarantee. The DOA covers any loss greater than 5% of the value of the fish ordered. To receive refund, an email must be sent with photos or videos of all the dead specimens within 24 hours of arrival. The amount of the refund will be discounted in the next order.
NOTE: the confirmation of our price quotation include the acceptance of our DOA policy without exception.

Each order will included all necessary certificates as requested by the customer.

Please feel free to request our updated FISH LIST and ask for availability, prices at the email
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