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Gold Thai Fish is an international ornamental fish export company that started its business out of passion.

For us healthy fish are very important and it is exactly this passion and love that give us the ethical rules that we follow in what we do.
Gold Thai Fish does not sell fish from capture. Lack of alternative, we have fish caught in the wild, but only with eco-sustainable fishing that respects the health of the fish.
For the love of fish, we avoid fish farms that do not respect the fish they breed.

Tanks of one of the Fish Farms that collaborates with Gold Thai Fish


Gold Thai Fish began its activity about 4 years ago and since then, we have selected and shipped all over the world only beautiful fish breed in Thailand by the most expert breeders.

Before starting a cooperation with a fish farm, Gold Thai Fish makes sure that only selected, beautiful and healthy fish are supplied. Exactly these are qualities we look for when we choose fish to send all over the world.

We have put all the maximum effort in the several phases of shipping to get every single fish always healthy and beautiful to your tanks wherever you are. Exactly the way you want it.

With the same effort we care for the quality of the packaging and for the choice of the carrier responsible for the shipping. Everything always happens under our strict control for accurate and prompt service.

Our quarantine tanks

You freely choose the fish you want, we will take care of the rest.

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Thai qianhu Fish Farm



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